3 02 2010

So after a several days (which I will never get back) of head-scratching and troubleshooting technical difficulties, Team GRRRL TRAVELER  was able to successfully migrate my blog over to its actual domain, GRRRLTRAVELER.COM. Hooray & GRRR!

The new site has much more features and it’s packed with more information for your travel survival inquiries. Most of my old posts here have been transferred there. So I encourage all my dear friends out there to update your links and readers- the new site will be simpler to navigate and feature more goodies!

Happy Travel wings!



On the Ganges (*travel video)

5 07 2009

by Christine Ka’aloa
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Each year, there are thousands of pilgrimages to the holy city of Varanasi. At sunrise taking a boat tour along the river is a great way to see the ghats…a dip in the Ganges River is considered to be both, holy and purifying. In the evening, Varanasi holds a glorious puja ceremony- the Ganga aarti.

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