Please contact me for permission to use any of these photo images for commercial purposes.  More  of my travel photography can be viewed at my personal website.


Mochi Culture in Hawaii 2009

[rockyou id=155871965&w=426&h=320]

Mochi Making at Aiea Hongwanji (Dec 2009)

Bon Dance in Hawaii 2009

(Added: 7/2009)

[rockyou id=138847733&w=426&h=320]

July is here and it’s time to grab your fans, yukatas and kimonos out and join the celebratory dance!  This month kicks off bon dance season in Hawaii but the first bon dance of this year, really took place in June at the Hawaii Plantation Village. These are some photos of the event.  Event video is soon to follow.

Paddling and Outrigger Canoe Races in Hawaii

(Added: 6/2009)

[rockyou id=138335631&w=450&h=338]

A brief photo look at one of Hawaii’s culture through one of its popular pasttimes and favorite ocean sports: Outrigger Canoe Races.

Photos of “Memorial Day Lantern Floating in Hawaii”

(Added: 6/2009)

[rockyou id=138329017]

This past Memorial Day over 40,000 people attended the 10th Annual Lantern Lighting celebration at Ala Moana Beach Park. Grills, bento lunches and family beach picnic tents were out in abundance in typical “local island style”, while others brought towels or mats and found sitting real estate on the sand, where they could best view either the giant video monitors or the entertainment stage . The program… <!–more–>

Photos of the “Kamehameha Day Parade 2009”

(Added: 6/2009)

[rockyou id=139149358]

Photos of Roz Savage’s Launch from Honolulu 2009

(Added: 6/2009)

[rockyou id=138337518&w=426&h=320]

Chandni Chowk: The Human Plow**

(Added: 11/2008)




Nepal Travel Photos (**)

Nepal 2008 Trip Photos

Spending the day with Latika, her mom & sisters at Dakshinkali Temple

India Travel Photos (**)

India 2008 Trip

Dentist Dan offers me an interesting travel device to brush my teeth with, which is better than the local twigs.

The Henna Experience

Morocco Travel Photography

Morocco Trip Photos 2007

SPAIN 2007 Trip Photos!

Shooting Me- Travel Diaries

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