My GRRR Story


About a year ago, while on a backpacking tour through India and Nepal,  I was abruptly separated from my friends and had to forego most of the rest of my travels alone. While I am absolutely in love with India, anyone who has been there knows that traveling it for the first time, can feel challenging, overwhelming, sometimes extreme. As a lone female traveling a developing country for the first time and have that country be India, the degree of difficulty felt… HIGH.

Thrown face forward into a crazy and dizzying world both, beautiful and ugly, I made my way through the chaos of touts and scam artists, abject poverty, heat and pollution, and haggling tuk-tuk drivers that left me stranded in the middle nowhere… There were moments I felt uncertain, vulnerable and at times, a little “chicken” of a Hawaii girl.


The only thing I knew I would never do was give up and book the earliest ticket out! So I did the only thing I knew I could-  dug my claws in and pulled from every self-survival trick in my pocket that could help me flip my dime (or rupee) towards positive change.  I worked my creativity, humor, wit, vulnerability, quirky personality traits, “brave” bluffs and all I considered to be my worst NYC attributes! In emergency situations, I accessed my Mac Gyver of ridiculous, but resourcefully-sound solutions. All these things created a courage to lean on and allowed me to change what could have been the worst trip in my life, into the best!

Returning home, I realized what got me through this- it was my GRRR!

Having GRRR! is not about “finding bravery”, though there is a warrior aspect to it. GRRR! is utilizing all the survival resources within us -vulnerability included- to get through trying situations in the best way we know; sometimes, imperfectly. Every woman has a GRRR! in them to create opportunities for positive change and carry out their dreams. Whether traveling thousands of miles overseas or just one mile outside of the house, GRRR! is always accessible. Living by this GRRR! as a traveler is what I hope to continue discovering, exploring and sharing.

The GRRRL TRAVELER challenges:

Aside from travel journaling about my travels or adventures, I just added this new phase to my blog that’s in beta testing…  I love traveling abroad and want to make it more of a lifestyle. I’ve started initiating some fun (but not so easy) travel challenges for myself. GRRRL TRAVELER challenges are steps I’m exploring and training towards so I can fulfill this dream of continually embracing new cultures/lifestyles. The challenges are fairly large goals, so my objective isn’t about completing it ASAP or to scratch things off like a destination checklist. The challenge is an on-going process of discovering the empowerment of solo travel and recording its journey.

2 responses

1 02 2010

Hey there, I just wanted to stop by and say I love the concept of “GRRR”!

2 02 2010

Thanks Unstoppable. You sound like a GRRR! travel sister too weathering malaria ridden trips & Bolivian hostels! There’s an imperfect & uncourageous traveler in us all. It’s interesting to me, how qualities such as “confidence and fearlessness” are often inspired thru trial & error, accident/mistake, horribly (but funny) unraveling & stumblings, etc… Hope you continue to drop by and share some of your story. 😉

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