Grrrl Traveler’s “Postcards from Hawaii”

If “home is where the heart is”, then must always be a means of communication. As travelers abroad we will always want to share our new experiences with those we love… video postcards are a way to do this. Born and raised in the islands, Hawaii will always be my home despite the fact I currently live and work in New York City. “Postcards from Hawaii” will feature news, people, attractions  and cultural events in Hawaii.

Ep.2: July spells Bon Dance season in Hawaii

“...This month kicks off bon season in Hawaii but the first bon dance of the year, really took place in June on the grounds of Hawaii Plantation Village.  As the sun set, festival goers came out dressed in yukatas (light kimonos) and hapi coats (aka the “sushi chef” look). The local…” <Read more>

Ep.1: Roz Savage

Ocean Rower and Environmentalist, Roz Savage launches second stage of her solo row across the Pacific Ocean. The press launch event took place at the Waikiki Yacht Club, Hawaii. For more information or to follow her voyage and blogs go to

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